The Soane Museum Digital Soane

Sir John Soane’s Museum has announced the winners of The Digital Soane, a competition organised in collaboration with The Royal College of Art, and with the support of the Jerwood Charitable Foundation.    

Designs by SCHRAM&SANDHU as well as RCA Alumni Michael Hurley, Maria Militsi, Hannah Louise Pittman, Haidée Drew, Molly Perrin and Max Warren were chosen by an expert panel of judges for their imaginative approach to the brief, and innovative reinterpretation of traditional techniques. The digital fragments , 3D printed in various materials, were given to the designer makers who have reinterpreted them into a range of products to be displayed and sold in the museum’s shop.

“Migrating the museum whilst leaving everything securely in the same place...

Sir John Soane had a contract made up before his death insuring that his property would always remain in the condition it was left in. We would like to sell off little pieces of it as contraband via the route of the museum shop. The customer will be able to smuggle home two fragments at a time on a tea towel.

As a concept we envision little fragments taking over the museum and migrating it on a collection of tea towels. Every time a tea towel is sold the exact same museum space is covered with two tea towel stickers until slowly the entire museum has been migrated onto towels and what is left of it is it's volume covered in a tea towel pattern. By taking the small triangle cut outs and randomly placing them in the museum we design each towel using an image of the area that is covered by the triangle to make its appearance on the towel, a switch. The more exponentially the collection of tea towels grows the more rampantly the museum space becomes visually smaller. This will result in a museum that transfers itself visually in little fragments and gets eaten up by greedy young designers.”


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